man with matchThe field of global health is deeply rooted in compassion. Many people who work in global health are fundamentally motivated by compassion, although this is rarely acknowledged collectively or publicly. Recognizing, celebrating, and strengthening the centrality of compassion in global health could reinvigorate the field, make more explicit its goals of health equity and social justice, and empower global health workers to connect more meaningfully with those they seek to serve.

For most of us, witnessing the suffering of others touches us, moves us, and leads us to want to help.  Our compassion leads to engaged action.  The more removed we become from contact with those we are trying to help, the more we risk losing touch with the very motivation that influenced our decision to enter global health in the first place.” – Mark Rosenberg

The Compassion in Global Health (CiGH) initiative seeks to bring compassion into the center of global health discourse.  We hope this will result in reinvigorated practice and transformed relationships, programs, and policies for global health.